April 28, 2011

Water levels continue to cause concern

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Water is supposed to go down-hill or down into the ground and that process could not happen soon enough for a number of residents in Underwood who have had an abundance of water flowing into their basements this spring. At the last city commission meeting commissioners were questioned about what they were doing to fix the problem. "Why am I Underwood’s flood plain?" was Danielle Levey’s question for the commissioners. She questioned the legality of the city maintenance for plugging a culvert to slow flow towards the residents in Underwood. The blockage meant her property filled up with water and eventually flooded her family’s basement. Mic Johnson was also in attendance, hoping to find a solution so that this would not happen again. "I don’t know what we can do about it," Johnson said. "Some way we have to get a compromise."

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