June 16, 2011

Water problems

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Overland water drainage options were discussed at the last regular city commission meeting once again as in the past several months and will continue until a strong plan is in place to make sure water is drained most effectively from the north side of Underwood to the south. One big problem is that the City has to let FEMA know their plans by July but they won’t know if they can move ahead on those plans until they hear back in January. That shocked city commissioners as they wanted to implement a plan as soon as possible to know that the drainage problem will not be a repeat of this year. Ideas of diverting to the old elevator, adding culverts, holding water and even putting in a pipeline across town were discussed. No decision was made and commissioners even considered that with everything going on across the country, Underwood may not be on FEMA’s radar. But Mayor Rick Olson suggested they continue to set up a plan so it is in place when the time comes. They agreed that the County Water Board would need to look over any plan they have to see if it would meet requirements.



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