February 19, 2014

Welcome to the jungle

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

It’s a jungle in there!

A really cool jungle, that is, in the special services area of the Underwood Elementary School.

Shayla Sorenson, a sophomore who has speech therapy in the area, can lay claim to creating the jungle that now graces the special services area, complete with immense, cascading leaves and branches with expansive hanging vines that are home to snakes, spiders, monkeys and other varieties of wildlife. Not only are the walls and ceiling decorated with a jungle theme, the doors to each of the different rooms in the special services area have been turned into wildlife, including a giraffe, a lion, and Shayla’s favorite creation (on Mrs. Barfield’s door), a snake.

"We didn’t really intend to do all the doors, but everyone was asking for more," said Lana Clyde, who supervised and helped Shayla with the project. "Once we did this outside part of it, we had other teachers asking her, ‘Can you do my door’?"

While the doors are pretty neat, it’s the actual jungle trees and vines, with their twisted trunks and huge leaves, that give the "wow" factor to the room. Then one notices the snakes and spiders that are hanging precariously on the vines.

What does everybody say when they see it?, Shayla was asked.

"It’s awesome," she smiled.

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