January 18, 2017

Welcome to Waller’s wheelin’ world

By Suzanne Werre
Underwood’s Steve Waller likes cars.
Check that.
Underwood’s Steve Waller loves cars.
He loves driving them, he loves racing them (although he hung that up awhile ago), he loves working on them, he loves talking about them, and he loves collecting them.
What started as a little hobby of collecting Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars about 25 years ago, has morphed into a collection of thousands of miniature cars, trucks, tractors, pick-ups, semis – the list is virtually endless. There’s also the occasional toilet or shopping cart in his Hot Wheels collection, as well. He even has a partial collection of cars that were named for the different states. That’s a collection that won’t be completed because they were discontinued, he said. But they’ve got their places of honor in his vast collection.
Steve was like every other kid when he was little. When he got a Hot Wheels or a Matchbox car, he took it out of the package and played with it – and played with it, and played with it.



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