May 10, 2017

We’ve got debris . . .Bus ride reveals lots to clean up

By Suzanne Werre
Several people had confused looks on their faces as the small school bus traversed the streets and alleyways of Underwood last Tuesday as they undoubtedly wondered why school kids were driving through the alleys of town.
It wasn’t school kids that were taking a tour through Underwood, it was members of the Underwood City Commission and a couple other residents taking notes on the items they saw that are conflicting with the city’s ordinances.
Although there were four different areas attendees were looking for (unused vehicles, overgrown weeds/grass, debris and line-of-sight issues), the overriding problem they saw was an abundance of “debris” in people’s yards, particularly back yards piled up next to garages, etc.
Debris included things like pallets, tires, motors, old lawn mowers, broken or old household items – a plethora of different things.
“I want that seat gone,” said commissioner Patti Werre, as she saw a prominent item of “debris,” which brought agreement and some laughs from the others on the bus.
Little did they know that they would see at least two more similar seats cleverly hidden away in other areas of town.



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