March 26, 2014

When the well is not so swell

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

All’s well that ends well . . . unless your well isn’t working . . . well – or at all.

Underwood teacher Lana Clyde isn’t ready to say things have ended well, but they’re definitely better than they were about three weeks ago, March 8, when she turned on the faucet and got nothing. Right away she figured something was wrong with the well, but she figured it was probably something pretty minor, something her husband could fix.

She was wrong. When her husband, Shawn, checked out the well, he found out it wasn’t just a switch that needed replacing, it wasn’t just a little problem that he could fix. The well had actually collapsed, and there was no fixing it. They need a new well, but right now, the ground is too frozen that they can’t even dig a new well.

Best-case scenario, Lana was told, a new well could be done at their home near Douglas in about a month. Worst-case scenario, maybe June or July.

Until then, she and her family will be getting their water from an 1800-gallon tank that was recently placed just outside their house. It doesn’t add any curb appeal, but it’ll do for now.

While not having water for a couple weeks was inconvenient for the family, Lana and Shawn’s priority was their livestock, who are about to start calving.

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