January 29, 2015

White caps dot surface on co-op issue

By Allan Tinker
BHG News

With opinions aired at recent meetings on both sides of the sports co-op issue, the Jan. 21 meeting of the board, with a time allotted for the public to speak, focused on the lack of enthusiasm for another or revised co-op with Underwood.

With silence from many in the audience, which leaves only guesses as to those opinions, those who spoke were overwhelmingly negative about the benefits of a co-op.

Comments included: "I like sports, but I also like drama and speech. Kids should value academics, not sports. One uses academics all of one’s life, not sports. Some are not ready to move up on the teams, and the smaller players get injured if pushed up.

"With the No Child Left Behind initiative, how will the children keep up when they leave this school? It is not about how much sports are available. Academics are more important."

Another spoke on Sheridan County, "We need to see what is coming, with no numbers. The kids are great, but believe when numbers get low, kids feel entitled to things. When kids get to college, it makes a difference. It becomes a pity co-op when one waits too long, they don’t bring players and they weren’t ready."

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