April 21, 2011

Woes of flood waters widespread

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Highway superintendent Ron Wagner gave a brief summary of what the water is doing to area highways during the McLean County Commission meeting Monday morning. Commissioners were not surprised to hear that they had a long and run-down road ahead of them before things would be back to normal. There are probably a dozen roads washed out, 20 that are under water (a few inches to a few feet) and over 110 spots that water went over the road and took some off the top before lowering, Wagner said. Pumps were dispersed throughout the county and Wagner was given the OK to seek out even more from other outfits in the state including an irrigation company that could help. Wagner said that he wanted to see no less than three weeks of pumping to lower the water levels beyond just a safe point, to lower it enough for another round of rain or snow when it comes.

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