September 9, 2010

Your extra veggies can feed those in need

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It’s harvest time, and with that comes a bounty of food overflowing from area gardens. If you own one of those gardens and you realize that there is no way you can use those two tomatoes, all those onions or that crate of cucumbers, you don’t have to let them go to waste. The McLean County Resource Center is part of the project Hunger Free North Dakota, which is working to stop hunger in the state by reaching out into the community for fresh fruits and vegetables. Locals are welcome to drop off their perishable food items or canned goods to the resource center located on Main Avenue in Washburn. On Wednesday, at the resource center, folks gathered from around the county to get fresh fruit and vegetables from Evie Bardwell, an employee of the resource center. Just up the street Sheila Vander Wal and Stacey Pfliiger were busy handing out commodities. They brought the goods right out on the sidewalk where it was cool on the Sept. 1 morning. They then handed out food to everyone that qualified. That morning 38 families were able to fill their bags with nutritious food.



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