November 4, 2010

Youth weigh in on teen center

By Michael Johnson, Editor

When speaking of economic development, the students of Underwood are aware that it takes business development, it takes community beautification and it takes more opportunities. Underwood community and economic development director Becky Bowen also wanted them to know that it takes their involvement. Bowen asked students what they have seen in the past two years in terms of economic development in Underwood. Some noticed the improvement to main street buildings, others were pleased to see new businesses. Bowen was also pleased to have those improvements but expressed that there are more goals to reach. Creating a caring and compassionate community, creating a world class school and making a more vibrant and dynamic main street were three more goals that Bowen asked the students to help with. One way to do all three was by providing input on a possible community center. Bowen has been working on the idea of renovating the Sophia’s Fancies building under the "Bring Back the Rose" campaign. Members of the Underwood Area Economic Development Corporation agreed that before moving forward they needed to poll the students to see if this teen center/community center would be appealing to them.



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