February 7, 2018

Zoning board wants permits

By Suzanne Werre
Underwood’s planning and zoning board members are tackling some of the city’s ordinances that have been left too open-ended for too long, prompting more questions than answering them as folks have moved into the area, made improvements to their homes, and opened businesses.
At Monday’s meeting, the board members approved a request for a conditional use permit for resident Ali Werre, who owns and operates Weary Muscles Massage out of her home in Underwood.
The city commission has indicated the city’s ordinances were going to get a look-through with probable revamping, and Werre’s recent request for a conditional use permit that would allow her to run a business out of her home prompted the planning and zoning board to look into the current conditional use ordinances.
During the meeting the planning and zoning board suggested making some changes to the current ordinances.
The changes, which still have to be approved through two readings of the Underwood City Commission, include the addition of a fee of $75 to apply for a conditional use permit, which will now be needed in order to open a home-based business. The ordinances previously did not identify a specific price for the permit application.
This change does not apply to people who are distributors for other companies/corporations, noted City Auditor Diane Schell. This ordinance is in regard to people who are running his or her own independent business out of the home.

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