June 29, 2016

Blue Goose Day at the refuge

By Jackie Jacobson
Visitor Services Manager

The annual refuge event that attracts youth and their families is upon us! Blue Goose Day is scheduled for Thursday, July 14, from 5 to 8:30 p.m. at Audubon National Wildlife Refuge. The focus of this event is to provide outdoor activities that educate youth and their families about wildlife conservation and introduce new outdoor skills. The evening is packed full of fun, active, hands-on programs for families to participate in.

Four programs will be presented (each 25 minutes in length):

1. Build a Screech Owl Nest Box – nail pre-cut lumber together to construct a nest box for an eastern screech owl. (Each youth builds and takes one home.)

2. Archery Range – shoot bows and arrows at full body animal targets and then challenge your skills by shooting and popping balloons.

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