December 25, 2008

Boys conquer Garrison, fall to Wilton-Wing

By Danielle Abbott, BHG News Service

In their second game of the regular season, the Underwood boys were paired up with Garrison. After making the long drive, the Comets were ready to play against the Troopers. "We did a nice job of pressuring their guards and attacking the basket," head coach Kyle Hunt said. The boys took the lead in the second quarter and continued to dominate the rest of the game. The boys learned from their season opener, and Hunt said, "The Comets did a better job in making good decisions and knocking down the open baskets." The boys also pushed to improve their free throw percentage from the first game of their season. Ben Duben and Brandon Aldinger led the Comets in scoring, and Hunt said that both boys played an excellent game.

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