April 18, 2012

Central McLean Cougars lose to three solid teams

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Central McLean Cougars faced off against three strong teams during last week’s baseball action. Taking on Beulah, Velva and Hazen was no small week for the group. Vs. Beulah: Beulah showed no mercy to the Cougars as they put up 25 runs to the Cougars 5. Cougars head coach Chad Weisenberger noted that the team had 16 walks to go with five errors, making it a long game for the team. “Jeremy just had an off-night, which everybody has, and the errors just put more  pressure on the pitching,” Weisenberger said. Jeremy Wirtz pitched the game and allowed 10 hits. “I just told the kids to learn from it and  get rid of it,” Weisenberger said. “Beulah hit the ball hard and made plays. They are a  well-coached team. we just need to start keeping our games clean, make the routine plays and make the other team earn their win and not give them a win. We need to start hitting the ball better also. We can  afford an error or two if we can hit the ball and score some runs.” The team’s seniors, Matt Landenberger and Nick Lee, had hits in the game. Landenberger  went 4 for 4 and Nick Lee was 2 for 4. Coach was confident that others would be stepping up to add some strong performances for the team soon.

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