September 21, 2011

Comets earn wins at Glen-Ullin, Wilton

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Comets have been playing solidly against every team they have come up against this year. Each time they have lost by a few points up until now. On Sept. 13, at Glen Ullin, the team played another tough game and came out on top in a close game five that went beyond the normal 15 point end. Then on Thursday, the Comets beat out the Wilton-Wing Miners in four games. The Glen Ullin Bearcats are not part of Underwood’s conference but still offered a great chance to test the Comets’ skills. “The teams were pretty evenly matched, but the Comets showed their moxie and came back in game five to win 21-19,” head coach Mary Hefta said. The games allowed all the players to get in and do some scoring for the team. “I am so proud of the girls,” Hefta said. “We saw offense from seven girls and that helps so much. I like how we have gotten to be risk takers and attempt to hit the ball. Our defense has stepped it up and we are a fun team to watch.”

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