February 17, 2011

Comets going to regionals

By Mary Hefta, BHG News Service

The Underwood Comets boys’ basketball team came out hot for the first round of the District 10 tournament last Thursday night. The Comets met the Wilton-Wing Miners, a team they had just played a few weeks ago in regular season play. The game on Jan. 27th resulted in a loss, but the Comets were hoping for a win in this first round of tournament action. The Comets played with perseverance and class, never giving up. With three players in double figures, great passing and sheer determination, the Comets were able to overcome a Wilton-Wing eight-point lead in the third quarter. With just 2:57 left in regulation, the Miners were once again ahead by one, 59-58. Junior Dillon Aldinger dropped a decisive bucket and made the backend of double-bonus free throws to bring the Comet lead to four. Both Hernandez and Morman also hit free throws to keep the Comets up by four when the buzzer sounded.

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