May 13, 2010

Cougar golfers loosen up after rainy week

By Mary Hefta, Sports Writer

On Monday, May 10, the Cougar golf team played in Velva. Individual player scores include Sammi Cottingham, 101; Hunter Wilson 116; Payton Koenig, 119; Shelbey Clark, 121; Jordan Blotske, 126; Justine Lelm, 127 and Ann Lupu shot a 168. Cottingham, a freshman, placed second individually. Team champs were the Garrison Troopers with a 438. Central McLean ended with a shot total of 457. "After having a week of cold, rainy weather, we were finally able to play again!" Toni Cottingham said smiling. " Because of the week long break, we were a little rusty going into yesterday’s regional qualifying meet."

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