September 14, 2011

Cougars dominate against Tigers

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The first few seconds of the game against Williston Trinity-Trenton made it clear that the Central McLean team of Underwood-Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky was going to pile up the stats in the game Friday evening in Underwood. The stands were loaded down with Cougar fans, and kids were decked out in orange and blue makeup. The cheers from the sidelines must have helped as the Cougars extended their winning streak to 4-0 in the regular season with a 52-14 win. Cougars came out ready to rumble and within 10 seconds of game play, Dylan Ruff managed to run in a 63-yard dash to the end zone. The extra point was unsuccessful. The Trinity-Trenton Tigers tried to make a move down the field but a toss landed in the hands of Aaron Morman. It didn’t take long and Cougar quarterback Matt Landenberger sent a 32-yard pass to Nathan Rauhauser for a touchdown.

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