August 15, 2018

Cougars hosting Raiders in grid opener

By Suzanne Werre
“Drive, Drive --  pump those legs – keep going,” could be heard as Cougar football co-coach Grant Singer spouted out orders to his football players as they pushed the practice sled along the grass near the football field in Turtle Lake. When the sled hit the gravel, it just made the workout better.
“Drive, drive, drive – it’s the fourth quarter – keep going,” shouted Singer, who along with Kevin Dockter will be back coaching the Cougars this season. McClusky’s Zach Siewert has also signed on as assistant coach this season.
The Region 5 Cougars take to the field for their season 9-man opener this Friday in Turtle Lake, taking on Region 4’s Drake-Anamoose.
Senior Jacob Strobel said the first week of practice was going well. They were practicing in the mornings before the heat got unbearable – but even then, the popsicles they were offered after practice were a welcome cool down.
“Everybody’s been working hard,” said Strobel, a veteran defensive end/guard.
He’s been focusing on what he has to do on the field to make sure the team is successful this season. He knows what his job is.

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