October 10, 2018

Cougars snare playoff spot

By Suzanne Werre
The Central McLean Cougars will need to do this coming Saturday just what they did Friday night in their 33-0 win over the Beach Buccaneers, and that is be able to run the ball well while stopping their opponent from doing the same.
The opponent in Saturday afternoon’s first-round playoff game, Towner-Granville-Upham, clinched its playoff spot with a 42-0 win over North Star Friday night, capping its regular-season record at 5-3.
The Cougars, also 5-3 on the season, rushed for 248 yards in their Region 5 win over Beach, giving up just 107 to the Buccaneers, preventing Beach from finding the end zone through all 48 minutes of the game while the Cougars whittled their way to the end zone, their first three scores coming from short jaunts into the end zone by quarterback Trapper Jacobs.
Jacobs scored on a pair of three-yard runs to give the Cougars a 12-0 lead at the half, then tacked on another TD from just a yard out in the third stanza.
Junior fullback Kayden Hornberger sauntered in for the score in the fourth quarter, and sandwiched into the third quarter was the one passing TD strike, a 15-yarder from Jacobs to Snyder.
“It was an awesome game for our guys,” commented Central McLean co-coach Kevin Dockter. “We had to improve on defense, and I think we have. We started stopping people. I think we’ve improved on both sides of the ball.”

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