February 5, 2009

Dance, dance, dance

By Brenda L. Shelkey

The 2009 state dance competition for the Underwood-Turtle Lake-Mercer Comettes didn’t have quite the same excitement that last year’s Hip Hop Championship provided. But the Comettes came home with third place trophies in the Jazz and Pom categories and a fourth place trophy in Hip Hop, but they came home with more – a sense of well being and pride. They went into the competition with a goal -- to make the finals in all three categories -- which they did. But one thing was different this year. The level of excitement was higher in a way that couldn’t be compared with their championship performance at state in Fargo the previous year. Family and friends had traveled to Minot to support the dance team in numbers like they hadn’t seen before. Co-captain Carmela Levey said, "Since it was close to home, it was nice to see our families and fans come to see and support us." And she was right, as evidenced by the smaller crowd at Friday’s basketball game.

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