March 12, 2009

Loss wraps up Comets' season

By Danielle Abbott, BHG News Service

After proving themselves at the district tournament, the Comets took to the road on Monday. In their sights was the Region V tournament, located at the massive Bismarck Civic Center. The journey there was a winding one for Underwood, with a successful season and some heavy hitters on the court. But waiting for the Comets on the other side of the gymnasium doors waited the Shiloh Christian Skyhawks, and much to the Comets’ dismay, the Skyhawks came hungry and refused to give mercy. The Comets opened up the game slowly, scoring only eight points in the first quarter. Pair that with the Skyhawks’ 23 and Underwood was in a sudden game of catch-up. Underwood raked in another six points during the second quarter and held the Skyhawks to 16, closing the first half behind 14-39. After taking back to the court, the Skyhawks continued on their hunt for victory and concluded the game with a 71-38 win over the Comets.

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