May 5, 2021

‘Every pitch, breathe’


Assailed by blustery winds, the Central McLean Cougars kept up tenaciously with the Wilton-Wing Miners Friday evening, swapping the lead and running up double-digit scores apiece at the Cougars’ home field, although the day ultimately went to the visiting team.

“They’re a good team, their coaching staff is very talented,” Cougars coach Trista Crimmins said of their opponent. “We always know it’s going to be a good, tough game.”

Both teams went tit-for-tat over the opening innings, with the Cougars starting out strong out the gate, putting up three runs to the Miners’ two in the first inning. The Miners gained their wind and built momentum, however, and drove up the score with a series of successful turns at
bat. By the top of the fourth, the Cougars were trailing 5-7 and the Miners had a real chance to continue to press their advantage.

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