September 7, 2016

‘W’s start with the D

It might be the lopsided 40-point difference in the score that jumps out at people when they see Central McLean won its game Friday night against Center-Stanton.
The final score was 56-16 – and the Cougars were up 48-0 before the Wildcats got on the scoreboard – but Cougars’ Head Coach Kevin Dockter was quick to point out that the offense was just a side-effect of the defense.
“We played better on defense, and the defense set us up,” said Dockter. “The first quarter, they gave us some good field position.
“It all started with the defense,” added Dockter.
And then the offense took over. Rather – the running game took over.
It started with a 55-yard punt return for the score by senior Blake Anderson just two minutes into the game, and the Cougars’ scoring culminated in the third quarter when freshman Kayden Hornberger scooted into the end zone from five yards out.

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