August 19, 2010

Old players show they’ve still got what it takes

By Michael Johnson, Editor

What better way to hang out with your old friends from days gone by then at an alumni basketball game. Some guys and gals hadn’t seen each other in years yet posted up odds against evens Thursday night in the first event of the Underwood All-School Reunion. First off was the girls game starting at 6 p.m. The teams were fairly evenly divided with nine players for the purple team and seven on the white. The purple team had the most recent graduates from last year, Crystal Dammen, Natalie Eslinger and Hunter Wilson. They also had the most experienced player, Toni Cottingham, from the class of 1988. The game was fast paced with with some of the players showing some fatigue late in the game. A few mishaps were to be expected considering the gym was sweltering hot. Regardless of the temperature, the purple team brought the heat and won the game with a final score of 35-44.

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