April 10, 2013

Painted Woods expansion is a go

By Michael Johnson, Editor

For the past few years, Trevor Leidy and other Painted Woods Golf Course board members have been dreaming about what that wild country behind the existing nine holes could some day look like if it too were part of the golf course. They were able to dream big as those 150 acres have no shortage of features. Large trees, ponds, creek beds, coulees, high hilltops. It’s a place most golf developers dream of. With a great deal of work and number crunching, that group of golfers is about to roll up their sleeves and turn their vision into what they hope will be one of the better 18-hole golf courses in the state, Leidy said. Painted Woods is already well known as a beautiful nine-hole course right between Wilton and Washburn. The gorgeous course has Painted Woods Creek ambling through and the occasional train rumbles past on the hillside. It’s as much a picturesque place to visit as it is a place to come in a stroke behind your buddies on a warm afternoon.

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