December 30, 2013

Restful Christmas break? Not likely for local athletes

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

The adages "no rest for the weary" and "no rest for the wicked" are well known. A little lesser known adage could be "no rest for the high school athlete," as the basketball players and dancers from around the state took shortened Christmas breaks so they could join their coaches and teammates in the gym for practice. Practice over the break isn’t such a new thing, that’s been going on for years, but newer to Underwood’s agenda is playing games over the break.

"This year we’re finally getting a game over Christmas break," said girls’ coach Toni Cottingham. "I love the idea that we can . . . otherwise the Christmas hangover can linger into January.

Coaches and players agree, keeping the athletes on the floor over the break keeps things moving for the team. It doesn’t take long with a couple days off and lots of holiday goodies to take its toll on athletes.

"Even here today you can tell the ones who have gotten up and moved, and the ones who haven’t," noted boys’ coach Steve Cottingham.

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