July 16, 2014

Show up and play

There will be two completely different types of competition available at this year’s Harvest Fest. One that’s been around since the first fest, and one that’s making its first appearance. One is pretty slow-paced and requires some finesse. The other is fast and furious. One is a team sport. The other is totally independent.

They both require a good aim.

This year’s Harvest Fest will feature a horseshoe tournament, an event which has been going on since the inception of the Harvest Fest, as well as a brand new HotShot competition.

Dave and Roxie Kapanke have been running the horse shoe competition for years, and it’s a pretty well-oiled machine. The competitors pay their registration fee, the teams are drawn and there’s a complete payout of the registration fees to the winners.

While all of the details of this year’s tournament haven’t been ironed out yet, Dave says there may be some individual contests (such as first ringer, most ringers), as well as prizes for the top teams.

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