April 17, 2013

Snow biggest hurdle for spring athletes this year

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

It’s a given that the foot or more of snow that fell in the state this past Sunday and Monday was not exactly welcome, but nobody was more unhappy to see the big, wet flakes falling than the area’s spring sports coaches, as they saw the snow pile up and another week (at least) of their already shortened seasons disappear under fields of white. Central McLean track and field coach Lee Weisgarber summed the situation up easily. “Obviously, this is something we really didn’t need this season . . . it’s a very frustrating spring.” Central McLean baseball coach Daren Kurle was even more succinct. “This weather is horrible,” he said. None of the Central McLean teams have had a meet or a game yet this season, and this newest foot of snow will be pushing everything back even more, which is going to be tough on the athletes, agreed the coaches – tough to keep their attitudes up for the sports. “I feel for the kids,” said Kurle. “It’s really difficult for them to stay energized about playing this spring when there is so much uncertainty as to when we will actually play.”

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