March 22, 2017

Spring training underway for Cougars

By Suzanne Werre
There’s still a foot, or more, of snow piled up throughout much of Underwood, including much of the high school track and field surfaces in Underwood, and the baseball field in Turtle Lake, but that won’t stop the Central McLean spring sports practices from starting.
The Cougar track and field team started its spring workouts last Monday and Tuesday, took a break over the official spring break, but was back at it in earnest Monday after school.
The baseball team started its season Monday with practice in anticipation of the first games of the season, scheduled for April 1 at Shiloh in Bismarck.
The Cougars will be playing in a baseball jamboree on the first, and Cougar Head Coach Alex Jangula is looking at the first games to be a gauge of what the Cougars, who finished seventh in last year’s state tournament, have coming back this year.
“We’ll use that as kind of a practice for the next game on the 10th, so we’ve got a full week off before a regular game,” said Jangula.
The first outing, at Shiloh, will see the Cougars go through a plethora of pitchers, looking to figure out who will be replacing last year’s ace pitcher Hunter Jacobs, who graduated last spring.

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