August 13, 2014

Steinke Bay access reduced

BHG News

Steinke Bay Recreation Area will continue to have restricted access and limited use.

At their twice-annual meeting Aug. 5, county officials met with Park Board members at Sportsmen’s Centennial Park. Attending was Ken Skuza, area game warden. Also at the meeting were Corps of Engineers officials.

Skuza shared a report of an incident earlier this year that prompted Game and Fish Department officials to close completely a portion of the recreation area to camping.

In the incident, one of the boat ramp docks had been pulled off the management area and dropped about ¼-mile north on a gravel road. An area cordoned off due to endangered species nesting had been entered. A barricade had been moved and posts run over.

The individual(s) also made the rounds, stopping at Sportsmen’s Centennial Park, creating chaos before leaving.

There have been other off-trail issues at Steinke Bay as well this summer, Skuza said.

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