November 4, 2010

Tough finish for Underwood Comets

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Underwood Comet volleyball team ended their season fighting hard after some tough competition the last two weeks. They started out the week falling to the Garrison-Max Troopers, beating New Town on Friday and eventually losing in the final play in game against Wilton-Wing onMonday that would have pushed them into the tournament. Thursday night was parent night and the seniors, Rachel Neff, Miranda Pochant, Chlorisa Hirschkorn and Tami Heidelberger, each presented their parents with purple flowers and hugs. The first game against the Troopers started out in the Comets’ favor as they led through the single digits. They continued this trend through each of the three sets yet failed to hold the lead in each set, losing each of the three games. Game one had the Comets holding tight to the Troopers side as Comet senior Rachel Neff adjusted to pick up the corners that the Troopers were smacking the ball into. But the formation the Troopers held was too tough to beat. The Troopers took the first game 17-25.

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