April 9, 2009

Tracksters battle snow

By Brenda L. Shelkey

Head Coach Lee Weisgarber and the Central McLean Cougar tracksters are looking forward to the beginning of the track season. However, that time seems to be far in the future considering that two-and-a-half weeks into practice, they have hardly been able to run outside. They are looking for warmer weather to melt the snow that has buried the Underwood track. One corner has a five-foot snowdrift covering it. Despite the snow, Weisgarber is encouraged about the season. He has a solid group returning from last year, and a few additional juniors and seniors, very athletic and energetic additions to the track program, who he hasn’t had the chance to observe in a normal track setting. "Even though we’ve been inside most of the time," said Weisgarber, "the kids are working hard and I’m looking forward to the season starting on both the boys and the girls side." A couple of early junior high and high school meets have had to be cancelled due to weather and flooding. Next week, the junior high is supposed to have a meet on Monday and Tuesday. The high school is supposed to have a meet on Thursday. The truth is that none of the teams have had a chance to get out on the track which puts everyone in the same position of not knowing what the tracksters are capable of doing. Based on last year’s track team results, Weisgarber can make some projections for this year’s team, but he really wants to see what his new members can do.


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