July 31, 2013

Underwood bringing youth football league to county

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

This year’s Central McLean Cougars varsity team might have the proverbial “rebuilding year” because of the bump to 11-man with just a few seniors on the team, but there is a plan in McLean County to start “building” area boys into football players even before they get to junior high. The Underwood Parks and Rec recently gave the go-ahead to youth football coach KC Snyder to head a youth football league in Underwood, which Snyder is hoping will bring in future gridders to gain some knowledge about the basics of football. The league is open to fifth and sixth-graders (girls included) from throughout McLean County. Practice starts Monday, Aug. 12. Games will be held Saturday mornings, with the season running through the last game on Oct. 5. The past few years, elementary students from the surrounding area who wanted to play league football had to belong to Hazen’s league. But not everyone can take the time away from work to get to their kids’ games or even get their kids to practice when they have to drive a ways to get there, so Snyder was hoping he could get a league started in Underwood. He notes there is no way the league could have happened without some hefty financial backing from Underwood Parks and Rec.

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