October 26, 2011

Underwood Comets succumb to Flasher Bulldogs

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Flasher Bulldogs came to Underwood on Oct. 18 to put up a fight and hand the Comets another loss in three sets. The Comets showed a spark early on but failed to measure up to the defense of Flasher. Flasher took the first set 25-19 after coming from behind for much of the game. The Comets’ early fire soon went out after putting up some strong numbers. In set two, the Bulldogs had their act together and would not let a ball hit the ground. At the same time the Comets were faltering to the solid hitting coming from the Flasher spike team. Even on extreme hits from Abby Landenberger, Emma Lee, Taylor Sorensen and Anne Hefta, where it seemed the Comets would nail one to the floor, the Bulldogs’ scrappy attitude managed to get under almost every ball. The Comets were down 17-10 when they started to make some ground.

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