August 10, 2016

Veteran Cougars to lead grid team

By Suzanne Werre
After just one day of practice, it’s hard to anticipate what will happen with this football season.
All Head Coach Kevin Dockter knows for sure is that he has a core of veteran senior returners who have been playing a lot of varsity since they were freshmen – so they’re hungry to go out and have a great season.
But Dockter also knows that the Cougars will be in the same region it was last year, the region that also contains Shiloh Christian and Linton.
“We’re still in their region – that’s not going to change,” said Dockter. “I think Kidder County is going to be really good, and Napoleon, too.”
But the Cougars shouldn’t be so bad themselves, he added.
Leading the way back to the gridiron are veterans Zach Cottingham, who may be switching from running back to quarterback position, Nevada Sorensen at line/linebacker, Pablo Ronderos on the defensive and offensive line, Darin Eichhorst at cornerback, Blake Anderson at running back/receiver, Tanner Freeman at tight end/linebacker, and Trapper Jacobson, who could also be taking some snaps for the Cougars.

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