June 9, 2011

Westridge Golf Course: More than a golfing getaway

By Michael Johnson, Editor

If you own plaid pants, you might be a golfer. If you sold off an old car to buy a new golf cart, you might be a golfer. If you’ve ever laid out a roll of outdoor carpet in your basement and putted in the middle of January, you might be a golfer. If you’ve never considered golfing before but would like to enjoy a meal, socialize with friends in a relaxing setting and even give your kids cooking lessons, you shouldn’t be surprised that you are welcome at the Westridge Golf Course in Underwood. It’s prime golf season and the Westridge Golf Course is ready to accommodate your needs seven days a week. The new Club House manager Sherry Scheidt willingly admits that she is not a golfer. And she knows that there are many in the community that are not golfers, either. She feels the Club House and golf course are still great places for the golfer and non-golfer alike.

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