April 2, 2014

2014 Grape Escape unveils wide range of wine

By Lee Coleman

They say variety is the spice of life. For those present last Friday for the 11th Annual Grape Escape fundraiser to benefit the Sakakawea Medical Center Hospice program, the spice was the wine and the variety was at least 24 different wines from around the world.
“We love to have the community come together and celebrate our program and also have an enjoyable evening for themselves and the hospice program,” said Nancy Hertz, volunteer and bereavement coordinator. “With this fundraiser, we can continue to care for patients and their families.”
The fundraiser will replenish funds spent recently on a new mattress for the hospice room and updating other areas in the hospice room and around the hospital.
As always, Hertz said, technology has to be updated to keep up with the government, Medicaid and Medicare, documentation, reimbursement, and keeping the staff up-to-date on changes, training for hospice care, and increasing awareness in the community.
The SMC Hospice program has three active patients and Hertz, a 16-year veteran, said she has seen as many as seven.
“We only have three but we continue to provide the tools these families need,” Hertz added. “If it weren’t for these fundraisers and the generous support of the community and business leaders in Hazen, we couldn’t do what we do.”


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