December 25, 2008

911 signs may be posted throughout county in 2009

In rural North Dakota, at times it may seem you’re in the middle of nowhere. In Mercer County, new reflective address signs may ensure that in the event of an emergency, you’ll never be in the middle of nowhere.

At last Wednesday’s meeting of the Mercer County Commission, Commissioner Frank Bitterman reported he has been in contact with an Ohio company about obtaining reflective signs that clearly display 911 addresses along major roadways. County 911 Coordinator Carmen Reed will be contacting mail carriers to get addresses of each county resident outside city limits, Bitterman said.

"We want to get this down so when driving out there, you don’t need to know where you are, and when you drive by a mailbox, that number will flash at night," Bitterman said.

The cost is uncertain, but Bitterman mentioned he had spoken with a company representative within the energy industry who may be willing to aid in the purchase of the signs. Citizens could buy their own signs as well, he said. The price quoted by Interstate Sign Products of Ohio is $10 per 6-inch by 18-inch sign, with bulk purchase deals available.

"It’s a broad program, and I think it can be worked out so all the people in Mercer County can have one, eventually," Bitterman said.

The signs could be attached to fence posts, mailboxes and highway department signs, Commissioner Wayne Entze said.

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