June 6, 2018

A Mother’s Day miracle

By Daniel Arens

Early in the morning on May 13, a Mother’s Day miracle occurred in Hazen. One mother was preparing for the birth of her next child, when the baby decided it was birth-time a little earlier than expected.
Lesli Crowsheart, a resident of Twin Buttes, realized that the time had come, even though it was five to six weeks before the expected due date for the newest child in the family to be born.
“My sister that we’re staying with, she drove me,” Crowsheart said. They left Twin Buttes about 11 p.m., heading for Dickinson or Bismarck, but Crowsheart started to feel contractions, and there was worry she might not make it that far.
Crowsheart and her sister turned their attention to Sakakawea Medical Center (SMC), the hospital in Hazen that recently moved into a new and larger facility.


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