May 8, 2019

A place for dogs to gather

By Daniel Arens

It isn’t just people who need regular exercise and opportunities for socialization. Dogs relish the opportunity to get up, bound around and play as well.
Currently, however, dogs don’t have a place of their own to engage in those activities. Many are confined to their small yards, unless taken out for a quick walk on their leash, while the city is also dealing with problems of dogs getting loose and upsetting neighboring residents throughout town.
Jasmine Busche is hoping to solve many of these problems with the introduction of a new addition to Hazen’s list of  recreation sites: the Hazen Dog Park.
A Girl Scout, Busche is working toward her Gold Project in community service, which requires her to take the initiative in identifying a local problem and finding a solution. With her heart fixed on helping Hazen’s dogs, Busche is pressing ahead to give the town’s canines a place of their own.


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