April 25, 2018

A unique approach to life’s sweetest things

By Daniel Arens

For some people, cake, Oreo cookies, and caramel apples might seem to provide a high bar for sweet dessert.
But for Summer Corcoran and her mom JoAnn, these treats are only the foundation of a large variety of desserts sure to make your taste buds pop.
The Corcorans, who live near Pick City, only began producing these snacks in the recent past.
“It all started when I was 12,” Summer said. Summer went on to describe her first experience with cakepops as a home school home ec project she did in 2016.
“I really like creating things, drawing, art and baking,” Summer explained. When thinking of a creative topic for her project, the idea of baking and creating treats that would also be a work of art came to her mind.

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