July 15, 2015

Alumni return to Hazen for school reunion

By Daniel Arens

Sometimes small towns host large events, which draw the resources of everyone in the community to make the events successful.
Hazen hosted an all school reunion that brought hundreds of alumni and their families back to the community to reconnect and take part in a series of activities. Barb Finneman, Donna Sorensen, and Kris Pillar spearheaded the effort to put the event together.
These three women worked long hours and put in a great deal of energy to ensure the reunion was successful. Their dedication payed off as alumni started to arrive for the reunion events.
Finneman said that slightly more than 500 alumni registered for the reunion, but roughly estimated that another 300-500 came to Hazen but didn’t register. All told, including the families of the alumni, Finneman said that roughly 1,500 people came to the community during the reunion period.
The 1960s was the most represented decade of the reunion, and was led by the class of 1965. In total, 27 out of the 43 graduates of 1965 registered over the course of the reunion events.

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