August 1, 2018

An introduction to a larger world

By Daniel Arens

From the youngest age, kids begin developing. They begin seeing and hearing and feeling the world around them. They begin to learn.
Even before entering the elementary school classrooms, learning and education are essential for kids to grasp. Hazen Preschool makes it their goal to help steer that learning and provide kids with an introduction, a sneak peek, at the world of the classroom.
Last year proved to be a bit of a reorganization year for Hazen Preschool. But, with these change implemented, the program hopes to reinvigorate its classroom and community experiences.
Lindy Suelzle, a preschool board member, explained that parents elect a 5-person board each year, resulting in a large amount of turnaround in board staff. For a while, finding a primary teacher for the preschool was also a challenge, but the hope is that situation is now fixed through the hire of Lori Poague.

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