November 12, 2014

Bertsch rolls out great year at hospital

By Lee Coleman

Most any way you shake it, the Hazen Memorial Hospital Association, dba Sakakawea Medical Center, has had a great year in 2014.
And with the expansion of the hospital slated to begin sometime next year, the future is looking awfully bright for top tier health care to stay in the local area for years to come.
The HMHA recently held its annual meeting and CEO and President Darrold Bertsch didn’t need much help painting a financial portrait of a hospital long in the red but now squarely in the black.
In 2014, the hospital reported revenues in excess of $11.7 million with expenses of $10.8 million. After adjustments, the hospital posted net operating revenue in the amount of $994,708.
“We had a good turnout at the meeting and people were very interested in the financials of the hospital and learning about our construction project that will begin next year,” Bertsch said. “Folks felt very positive about the operating margin we had for the year. We have to be good stewards of our financial resources.
“Our relationship with Coal Country Medical (Beulah) helped us realize a positive bottom line.”
Bertsch was quick to point out two prominent reasons that contributed to the success.
First, he said, we have to have patients who come to us and trust us with their health care needs and two: we need to provide quality care, and when we do that, patients have that comfort level with us.


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