March 25, 2015

Bertsch sets example for preventative healthcare


March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and last week, Sakakawea Medical Center CEO Darrold Bertsch led by example when he checked into SMC and had a colon screening procedure known as a colonoscopy performed by Dr. Mike Schmit.
A colonoscopy is a process by which a physician uses a small camera to examine the inside walls of a colon for any possible signs of colon issues.
Routine preventative healthcare is a key factor in maintaining strong overall health and becoming aware of any potential problems that may exist without the issue being symptomatic to the patient.
To develop a preventative program with your physician, a comprehensive knowledge of family health history helps form the basis by which a program is constructed.
Colon cancer is the second-most killer of all cancers and can be prevented by regular screenings to curtail any problems before they reach a higher state of urgency.
Bertsch knows his family history and has a family member who became ill with colon cancer. Doctors recommend colonoscopies when a person reaches the age of 50 and than again 10 years later.
In 2006, Bertsch had the procedure and his colon was cleared. Last week, Dr. Schmit discovered a small polyp during Bertsch’s examination and removed it.
Lab testing came back negative for cancer, but it was caught early enough to not give it a chance for cancer to develop.

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