August 29, 2018

Big dice to roll

By Daniel Arens

When chance comes, roll the dice.
And if you’re worried the dice could get lost as you play in the grass on a warm summer day, then one Hazen resident can help you out.
This year, Raynard Mosbrucker began pursuing a new hobby: Yahtzee (or Yardzee) dice. The game involves rolling five dice in order to make certain combinations, with various scoring rounds involved.
Mosbrucker started carving his own dice, using 4 in. x 4 in. wood in order to build the dice. Creativity also plays a role, as Mosbrucker uses a wide variety of different methods to achieve the dots on each side.
Among the most common of his designs involves the use of beer bottle caps, which he collects from bars in Hazen and Pick City. From Busch Light to Miller Lite, and in some cases more exotic designs, Mosbrucker creates a unique look for each set of dice he produces.

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