January 10, 2018

Building success out of scratch

By Daniel Arens

Recently, Hazen High School students had a chance to demonstrate their education, creativity, and cooperation during a special in-school competition.
The occurrence was a “STEAM Day” event, which actually took up the last two days of the first semester for the students. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, and the project was designed to foster these skills.
Over the course of these two days, the students brainstormed, built, and developed comprehensive marketing plans for original products they designed out of basic junk material. The students were divided into teams, with around 15 students per team, and were given the same basic items to work with in order to design their ideas.
On top of these basic goals, each group also had more specific criteria they had to meet, down even to the invention of a jingle for their product. The jingle might go something like: “You sit, you snack: chair pack.”


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