March 15, 2017

Child care center hires director

By Daniel Arens

Another major hurdle for the completion of the New Bethel Child Care Center has been cleared, even as other challenges must still be overcome.
Dana Santini was hired as the first program director for the upcoming facility. Erin Huntimer, president of the Energy Capital Cooperative Board that owns the facility, hoped to see Santini take on the position. Now, after weeks of paperwork and necessary details of the hiring process, Santini has been confirmed.
“I officially started on Feb. 28,” Santini said.
“Which is, like, officially one of the most exciting days in my career,” Huntimer quickly added.
“My top priority is hiring quality staff that will be here for a long time, grow with the facility, and make this facility a great place to be,” Santini said.
Primarily, Santini is looking at hiring one supervisor and several aids. She said that she is more than willing to help train aids who have not had previous experience with child care centers, but that she wants at least a handful of people who have child care backgrounds as well.
“So much of what’s going to make the center work is bringing in and keeping important staff, making them feel like they are a part of it,” she said.
“She’s very focused on the educational aspect of it,” Huntimer said of Santini.
Santini agreed that “children-guided learning” is a priority for her.


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