September 6, 2017

City addresses lawn upkeep

By Daniel Arens

When it comes to nuisance issues in Hazen, the city commission often focuses on properties with lots of “junk items” spread across them or old vehicles that have not been moved for years and are often broken down.
Now, Shannan Senger, Hazen city planner, is looking to double down on properties in town that are not mowed or have out-of-control weed growth. And the city commission wants the community to know they support Senger’s actions.
During a city commission meeting Sept. 4, Senger informed the commission about multiple properties in town that she recently sent letters to, asking them to take care of their yards, as stipulated in a city ordinance. Although the majority of those contacted did take care of their lawns, several either have not responded or responded defiantly, and Senger is now preparing to send out a second letter.
This letter gives the recipient 20 days to take care of their lawns. At that point, the city will come in, do the work for the resident, and then apply the cost of the work to that property’s assessment.

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